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Estate Administration and Probate Work

Estate administration can be a complex and time consuming process. Some things to consider include inheritance tax returns, clearing debts and liabilities that the deceased has left behind and distributing the residue of the estate to the beneficiaries.

When a person dies and they have left a will, they will have an appointed Executor. This person is responsible for distributing the estate of the deceased in the manner that was intended.

We can act as agent of the Executor, assisting with all the required paperwork and providing appropriate Inheritance Tax advice, and thereby removing some of the stress which is inevitable on what is bound to be a sad and distressing occasion.

Most firms dealing with estate administration charge by way of a percentage of the value of the Estate. We have found that we can considerably reduce the fees payable by an Estate by only charging for the work that we carry out. We will therefore provide the Executor with an estimate of our charges, but actually record and charge based on an hourly rate. A fixed fee option is always made available if that is preferred.

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